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About D3

Men's Division 3 team was added in 2022 and competed in the 2022-2023 regular season. D3 will be members of ACHA D3, and are probationary members of the NECHA Conference here in New England. Players on this team come from various backgrounds (High School, Prep School, Juniors, AAA, AA etc...). 

What To Expect


D3 will practice Monday nights, and occasional ice times throughout the week as needed. Practices will be held at Holyoke Ice Arena, and was decided this option was better than morning practices throughout the week.


D3 will be a very competitive team here in the Northeast, playing mostly other D3 teams, but also some D2 ACHA teams. Most the games and travel will be in New England, and home games will be played on campus at the Mullin's Center Practice Rink


D3 is a bit less demanding then D2, but still very competitive. Both teams are student funded, but D3 will pay a bit less than D3 because of less travel restrictions and ice. Players are encouraged to consider D3 as an option, as we work with both programs and could see player movement between the two teams. 

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